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We know it’s “the norm” for this section to tell you all the things that we do- create digital marketing strategies, run social media campaigns, craft great content, design interesting websites- all that kind of stuff.

We do all of that, for sure, and more –  but we don’t really like just doing “the norm”, because we’re not “the norm”, and you probably aren’t either.

What is “the norm” now anyway? It’s hard to say – but one thing for certain is that it’s different to what it was a year ago. 

If you’re trying to sell interior finishes into the Irish market, you’re probably finding that the traditional methods of getting your products to their intended audience are not the routes to market that are going to succeed now. Staying the same is not a sustainable option.

Inside Digital are the only Irish digital consultancy specifically focused on the interior finishes market. We’ve worked in the interior finishes market for over twenty years, and we’ve seen what’s been happening.

So, how can we help you ?

Simply put, we help you get your interior finishes “out there” to your target audience using the appropriate digital tools for your situation. Easy to say, but kind of hard to do. Then again, you probably know that, which is why you’re looking around here.

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